Barcode Printer #2: 

  • This thermal transfer barcode label printer allows for high quality, crisp, clear printing for labeling applications that require data such as two-dimensional barcodes, fine text, or composite graphics.
  • Scanning and reading data on very small labels is greatly enhanced.
  • Accessories sold separately

TimeScape Inventory Tracking provides an accurate way of tracking materials purchased, stored, and used in the course of running your business. Many businesses frequently have trouble keeping track of this on both a daily and annual basis.

With the new inventory management features you can keep track of the following:

What did you buy from whom and how much was it?
How much material is left and where is it?
Do I have enough material on hand to do a job or do I need to order more?
What was the lead time on material purchases?
Where were the materials used and on which jobs was it used?

This is an excellent option for organizations looking to get a better handle on their inventory challenges. You will now be empowered to confidently understand where your inventory is, how it is being used, when it is being used, who is using it, and trends to be used for forecasting. Many organizations list materials as their second highest expense behind payroll, better managing to the inventory will help you be more efficient and intelligent which will help reduce expenses and allow you to make 

  • Laser scan engine with a built-in decoder
  • Compact and Light
  • Enhanced water resistant and dust-proof features to satisfy IP-42 requirements
  • Connects to personal computer through dedicated USB Cable
  • Holds up to 10,000 scans before uploading is needed
  • Uses lithium-ion batteries to reduce the size of a chassis, weighing in at only 28 grams
  • Device is small to enable users to wear it around their necks
  • Trigger key operation – no special training needed to introduce the product
  • Batteries can be charged using the USB cable


Barcode Printer #1:

  • this thermal transfer barcode label printer can deliver high quality barcode label printing at 3.5 inches per second.
  • ​It enables fast job processing at a maximum printing speed of 4 inches per second
  • Accessories sold separately

Add-On software Modules


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TimeScape Accounting Integration

A proven time tracking system for mobile employees, TimeScape™ replaces time cards and illegible paperwork. TimeScape™ tracks job names, time, tasks and material usage throughout the day giving instant access to dozens of comprehensive reports.  Integrates directly with accounting programs for seamless data flow from the field, into the office and out the door on the invoice.  Watch the Video

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Mobile Software Solutions


TimeScape Dispatch features ability to send Work Orders and Route Sheets directly to the crews in the field via smart phones all in live time.  Send updates or changes to staff,  instantly.  Watch the Video

TimeScape is a time tracking system designed for mobile employees. It was developed in 2003 to save time for the owner of a landscape company based in Wisconsin. Loren Olson, President of Modeco Systems, was creating customer invoices for his landscape company which he began 13 years prior as a senior in high school.


Compact Lazer Barcode Scanner 

Barcode Printers

No menus, no pull-down lists, and no confusion for employees in the field…SIMPLE!

TimeScape has been delivering real-time production tracking and now TimeScape is available LIVE throughout the work-day. Have LIVE access to every employee’s current GPS location and the day’s work completed.



TimeScape Asset Tracking enables you to manage the maintenance, use and location of your valuable assets.

Reporting asset maintenance/usage/location information is done by simply running reports on the information that has been scanned throughout a period of time.

This is an excellent option for organizations looking to manage their assets more closely. You will now have the understanding of what maintenance functions were performed on your assets, where they are, how long they were used, and much more. Your mechanics will have no problem tracking this information and you will be confident when incorporating these activities and expenses into your overall expenses, which helps your overall job costing efforts.



TimeScape - LIVE phone app for smart phones provides all production tracking features with added instant feed to the office including GPS points with every scan. See where your crews are and what they are doing in real time.


Timescape Live GPS Real Time Tracking​

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Below are examples of software packages Modeco Systems has integrated into. Modeco’s products are able to integrate into all willing third-party software packages . . . please call Modeco Systems for details.

  • ​​​Barcode Printer #2: This thermal transfer barcode label printer allows for high quality, crisp, clear printing for labeling applications that require data such as two-dimensional barcodes, fine text, or composite graphics.
  • Scanning and reading data on very small labels is greatly enhanced. Accessories sold separately

Modeco Enhanced Scanner

Timescape Inventory Tracking



FreeHands enables your employees to have tracking enabled and free from their phones with the exception of clocking in and out. FreeHands will keep track of your employee’s time, locations, breadcrumbs and time on job sites automatically. With FreeHands, you can allow your employees to send comments about the job and track material consumption. Automatic time tracking for your staff is here. You now have freedom from paper time sheets and know where your crews are. The office is now in complete control. Modeco has taken Simplicity to the next level.  Watch the Video

ID Badge Printers


The Modeco Enhanced scanner is a highly portable ultra compact data collector that weighs as little as 28 grams, including the lithium-ion battery. The Enhanced is the perfect pocket sized solution for simple barcode data collection applications on the move.


Modeco Systems has developed a simple and highly efficient time tracking system for mobile employees. Employees collect data with a small hand held scanner. Collect job, task and material data with 100% accuracy. Shows exact time of arrival / departure from customer sites.

Employee ID Badge Printer #1: 

  • allows for clear, colorful printing of text, graphics, photos and barcodes
  • simple to use/ operate virtually maintenance free
  • input hopper has capacity to hold 100 cards
  • ​accessories sold separately